A place to keep these details

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Today's conversation turned to zombie preservation rates. It's become too much to keep in simple journals so I'll turn more intuitive place for our research data.

For new readers, I'll explain more but for now... The theory...

Abstract from Chris:

Depending on how long it takes a person to decompose is how long you have a runner on your hands. until the tendons snap from the muscels or bones, then you have a limper

rigor mortis. it only lasts from about 3 hours after death to about 3 days after death

1-3 hours after death - running zombie of madness
3 - 72 hours - you have a limper (i like this better than shambler)
3 days - x days = runner. x is determined by the amount of perservatives that were consumed around the time of death

my theory would mean that vegitarians and natualists and third worlders who have little perservatives in their diet would not be a zombie for as long because they would decompose faster?

Thank goodness for being vegetarian! I also tried to remind him that "Shambler" was the more pc way of saying Limper but he defies my attempt at keeping him civilized.

More details to come!